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Supporting the Survivors ~ Beyond the Early Days

People sometimes need just to know they are not alone.

Supporting someone who has accidentally taken another person's life will be a life-long mission. The person you care for will carry this grief for the remainder of their life. Small acts of compassion can make the world of difference to your person's life.

"Love them by walking beside them in the hurt."


'Walking Beside Them In the Hurt' looks like and sounds like ...

  • Checking in regularly by asking how your loved one 'really' is. Try to find time to be with your person on their own when there is time to talk.

  • Remembering significant dates and sending a message to say you are remembering that this might be a tough time of the year. 

  • Be mindful of significant events in your person's life. Your person is likely to feel sad and potentially undeserving, when joy arrives in their life. For example: celebrating a birthday, finding love, enjoying Christmas celebrations...

  • Send a message reminding your person that life is all about finding joy and pleasure and that they are deserving of finding it.

  • Continually remind your loved one of your unconditional love and support. 

  • Acknowledge that your expectation is that the road to healing will be a long one and that that is okay. Many have referenced the experience of being asked how they are and replying that they're 'all good', because that's what they feel the enquirer wants to hear, when really they are far from good. 

  • Accessing comprehensive on-going counselling or therapy is very expensive. A gift of monetary support can make a huge difference to the healing pathway.


If you have other ideas or resources that you think could support another person needing this type of compassion, understanding and healing, please email or leave a message so the resource can grow.

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