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Don't Hold Back ~ wrap your arms and loving words around your loved one

If you know someone who has caused an accidental death and you’re afraid to mention it because you think it will make them upset  - you’re not reminding them, they didn’t forget. The accident and the grief and pain associated with knowing they caused a death, stays with them always. What you’re reminding them is that you are remembering the pain and suffering they are holding, and that is a gift. It is a gift of compassion and empathy.

The people I know who have caused accidental death tell of the huge weight of the pain they know their actions have caused others. But they also tell of the feeling they get, whether real or imagined, that everyone around them condemns them. So when you verbalise to your person, with empathy and love, that you are remembering and acknowledging their pain, you are providing a moment of peace and relief from what can feel like very heavy condemnation from society.

So next time you feel hesitant to wrap your arms and loving words around your loved one, don’t hold back. Whether it's in the first weeks or months, or years after the event, don’t hold back.

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