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Looking Up To See the Beauty

The sudden and profound impact of an accident that claims a life brings forth trauma, sorrow, regret, and profound grief for all intimately involved. The individuals touched by the tragedy will never fully 'get over it'; instead, they are likely to carry the trauma with them as they journey beyond this earth, embedded in the depths of their souls. The family and loved ones of the person whose life has been lost will grapple with the weight of grief every single day.


The person responsible for the loss of life bears the heavy burden of grief also. In some cases, the person who lost their life held a significant place in the heart of the one who caused the accident. This individual must live with the haunting knowledge that their actions led to the loss of life. Those close to the person responsible for Causing Accidental Death or Injury (CADI) also carry the weight of grief and trauma.


Recently, during a hike in the wilderness, I dedicated time to reflection and grieving. I know my son, who is a CADI, must navigate the rest of his precious life burdened by this profound grief. My hope is that he can find a manageable 'pack' in which to carry his pain. Amidst the constant challenges he faces, there will also be immense beauty. I hope he can look up and find some solace in its richness. And when the path becomes too treacherous to traverse, I hope he finds markers guiding him to safety and calm.


If you are a relative, friend, colleague, or family member of someone who has accidentally caused the death of another, understand that their path will never be easy. However, you can be the 'markers' in their lives, helping them carry the load. Encourage them to look up and see the beauty that surrounds them. It is everywhere, and they deserve to see it as much as anyone else. Beyond deserving, they 'need' to see it. Offering understanding, empathy, and love can make a significant difference in helping them navigate the difficult path ahead.

To all of you - go in love xx

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