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Light Despite All The Darkness ~ Hope

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

You may be reading this as a survivor of an accident where someone lost their life due to your actions or as a supporter of a survivor. It may be very early days for you. If so, the emotion of ‘hope’ will likely feel a long way away and your world will likely be filled with darkness and despair. You may be wrestling with the details of the accident, trying to understand why this has happened. You may be wondering how there can ever be hope in your world and whether you have the right to hope again.

For some of you there will be a strong sense of shame as you come to realise the mistakes you may have made leading up to the tragedy; mistakes that maybe could have been avoided. Remember to think of your intention on the day of the tragedy.

People make unwise decisions and choices all the time. There may be a few perfect souls in the world who have never driven or worked when they were sick, tired or distracted. And there may be those who have never made unwise decisions around alcohol and other drugs. And there may be those who have never been in places or with people that they know do not serve them well. But most often it is part of the imperfect human condition to take risks, or simply lack the attention, care or skills required. Sometimes it is alright and sometimes it ends in tragedy. But the intention was never to hurt anyone. Remember to hold that thought.

And while you sit in the darkness, know that there will be light again.

Please use the comments section to respond or communicate with others or join a closed group. All are welcome to join the conversation. Please come with kindness, care and support. All those who are on this site are hurting one way or another.

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